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Slimming, slimming in a personalized way

Slimming, beautiful and well in your body

At Ethnilink we believe that well-being is an integral part of beauty. This is why we have decided to offer our customers a specific slimming program.

Slimming: asking yourself the right questions

Finding the line and especially keeping it is a real challenge for many of us. But for that, you must first ask yourself the right questions:

  • Why do I want to lose weight?
  • What goal do I want to achieve?
  • What is my real fitness weight?

And above all, am I really motivated? You shouldn't want to lose weight for the wrong reasons: "summer is coming... I have to get into my bathing suit!"

We are instead going to focus on stable results over time: "I want to improve my health, I don't want yoyo effects, I want to start a healthy lifestyle again".

Indeed, all slimming starts there. Aim to regain a healthy lifestyle to stay at a stable weight and regain self-confidence. Motivation, to relearn how to have a healthy life, is the first step to put all the chances on your side to obtain good results.

Understanding why we want to lose weight allows us to avoid the eternal pitfalls, I eat salad every day to lose weight quickly and I take everything back in winter because my body, being under too much pressure, wants to do reserves and I start snacking and eating badly again.

Objective to achieve and fitness weight are linked. Your slimming goal and your fit weight should correspond to your body type and not to what society wants to impose on you with its photoshopped photos as soon as spring arrives.

Imetric for a personalized assessment

At Ethnilink we work with the Thalgo brand.

Thalgo, specialist in marine slimming, thanks to its programs Cellulite Challenge, Firmness Challenge and Lightness Challenge on an innovative approach to weight loss by allowing comprehensive and personalized support for each person.

This approach makes it possible to correct physiological dysfunctions, the cause of overweight, cellulite and localized plumpness.

A first assessment with Thalgo's Imetric device, completed with a personalized follow-up sheet, will allow you to set up the different steps to follow to achieve your slimming goal.

The second part of your personalized program will consist of stabilizing the objective reached so as not to have yoyo effects and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

On average, the weight loss per month is between 3 and 4 kilos, which allows your body to adapt smoothly to your new lifestyle without feeling without energy or frustrated.

Beware of people undergoing medical treatment because the food supplements of the program are not compatible with medication.

If you would like to have a personalized assessment to find out your fit weight and set up a "global" program to lose weight permanently, make an appointment on 01 43 56 38 42

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