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As I Am favorite brand of naturalistas

As I Am, an American brand, is part of the AVLON group, which already owns Keracare and Affirm professional products. Family group created in 1984 by Dr. ALI N. SYED, master chemist who has published 30 patents, numerous scientific articles and 3 books.

Launch of As I Am Naturally treatments

In 2010, wanting to meet the hair needs of women with curly, curly, frizzy hair, products for natural hair As I As Naturally were launched. Dr Syed is working on an innovative range in its composition to obtain better hydration, fortify and define curls without residue.

To achieve this, he uses the benefits of nature by combining them to obtain the best efficiency in terms of hair growth and quality:

  • Ayurvedic Amla powder rich in vitamin C and powerful anti-oxidant to prevent hair loss,
  • coconut oil for its protective, softening and emollient properties,
  • shea butter for its moisturizing and restorative properties and its contribution of vitamins A, D, E, F providing strength and vigour,
  • turmeric which, thanks to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, is an excellent treatment for the scalp: purifies, treats dandruff, itching, eczema, oily roots and stimulates growth,
  • tangerine, similar to mandarin, is rich in vitamin A, brings shine and promotes hair growth,
  • beetroot has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, it will prevent hair loss,
  • aloe vera, which is 98% water, contains amino acids, minerals, vitamins A, B and E. It has many virtues: moisturizing, emollient, softening, sheathing,
  • the palm berry rich in fatty acids and which has anti-inflammatory properties to prevent alopecia,
  • phytosterol to soothe the scalp, promote detangling, nourish, restore vitality and compensate for the lack of fatty substances at the ends

To the delight of natural hair

You will understand, with its unique composition, As I Am Naturally will prevent your hair loss, bring shine, promote healthy hair and scalp and help you in your daily life. hair growth. You can easily style your hair to achieve all the hairstyles you want without residue and without greasy effects. You will find the pleasure of caring for your curls without spending the day there.

The As I Am products are complementary, being very concentrated in ingredients of natural origin, we do not recommend mixing them with other brands. Intended to be used at home, the application is easy, pleasant and saves time for styling and detangling. Moreover, in 2018, the company Avlon has just been rewarded in England with an Award for the quality of its composition and the effectiveness of its products.

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