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Why choose a botox treatment for curly hair?

Your curly hair is damaged and your usual care fails to restore it to health? The hair botox is a treatment that will surely restore their shine! There are many reasons why botox treatments are becoming increasingly popular with people with curly hair. Botox can help eliminate frizz, add shine and definition to your curls. It can also help limit the damage caused by thermal and chemical treatments. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about hair botox.

What is a curly hair botox treatment?

Botox hair care does not involve injecting botulinum toxin as its name might suggest. It is actually the rejuvenating effect it will have on your hair that it owes its name. A botox hair treatment is a type of cosmetic procedure that can therefore help improve the appearance of your hair. It contains keratin which is a protein naturally present in the hair, and hyaluronic acid. The latter has a strong moisturizing power and prevents the appearance of split ends.

Botox treatments for curly hair have many benefits, including:

  • Smoother, healthier hair
  • Frizz reduction
  • Improving the overall appearance of your hair
  • Longer lasting results compared to other types of smoothing treatments

If you are considering botox treatment for your curly hair, be sure to consult a qualified practitioner who is experienced in performing treatments.

Our advice for a successful botox treatment session

It is possible to perform the hair botox treatment from home. Indeed, several brands offer kits to perform this treatment yourself. If you go to a professional hairdresser, which is the preferred option, here's what you can expect:

  • The hair must be clean and free of any product before applying the treatment
  • Apply the treatment with a brush section by section to cover the entire hair, avoiding the roots
  • The cuticles are opened by the action of heat, for example by passing under the helmet for about twenty minutes
  • Then only the excess product is removed
  • Finally, the hair is smoothed using plates in order to make the treatment penetrate well and seal it in the hair shaft

After these steps, you will have to wait a few days before using a sulphate-free shampoo to completely clean the treatment.

Botox treatment for curly hair: our opinion

At Ethnilink we highly recommend botox treatment for curly hair. The botox hair care treatment is suitable for all hair types, but is particularly effective for curly hair. This is because botox can help smooth the hair shaft, which makes styling and hair management easier. In addition, botox can also help bring shine and moisture to the hair, making it look healthier.

If you have curly hair and are looking for a way to improve its appearance, a botox treatment might be right for you.

If you are undergoing botox treatment for curly hair, it is important to avoid using products containing alcohol. The alcohol will strip the botox from your hair and leave it dry and rough. You should also avoid using heated styling tools afterwards, as they can damage your botoxed hair. If you follow these tips, you will be able to enjoy your botox treatment for curly hair for many months.



Normalement il est préférable d’attendre 1 semaine avant le premier shampoing. Il faut suivre les instructions marquées sur le produit que vous avez acheté pour ne pas vous tromper


Si j’ai bien compris j’applique le botox je le laisse posé puis j’enlève le surplus et je passe les plaques ou brushing avec le botox sur les cheveux je les laves 48h après.
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Debes elegir cuidadosamente un botox que no contenga formalina. De esta manera conservarás tus rizos.


Pero, ¿se pierde el rizo luego de un botox capilar, o regresan al Lavar el cabello? ¿Depende del tipo de botox? No quiero perder mis rizos ¡Ayuda!


Cela fait 1 ans que ma coiffeuse me l’appliquait sur mes cheveux frisés et j’en suis très contente j’ai retrouvé mes boucles hydratées plus doux tout les 6 mois je le recommande à toutes les têtes frisé ✌️

Nadia Amimer

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