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Care: children's frizzy hair

Like skin, hair is also unique. The hair of black and mixed race people is all the more so because depending on the geographical place of residence, the crossbreeding, the lifestyle, it will be more or less dry, fragile, brittle. The frizzy hair of black and mixed-race children requires all the more special care depending on its nature.

Knowing the nature of your child's hair

Children's afro or mixed-race hair are not spared from this question. Their hair is not final until around 6 years old. By definitive, we mean that the texture of the hair is fixed around this age.

As a result, it is important to have the right gestures and the right routine from birth. Today, we're blessed with a choice of hair products for kids, making it possible to tailor a personalized routine to mom or dad (and yes ladies the dads also get caught up in the game) and the child.

First of all, it is important to determine the type of your child's hair in order to use the appropriate products. For mums and dads who wish, we offer free diagnostics at the store, to determine your child's hair type, the products to use, the routine to put in place and the actions to take. when detangling and styling your dear little angels.

Adapt the routine to the nature of the child's hair

The shampoo should be done once a week to cleanse the hair of its impurities and re-oxygenate it. For children with drier frizzy hair, it is possible to do an oil bath the day before, but not just any oil bath: the one that will correspond to your child's hair type.

The shampoo should be followed by a conditioner or a mask (when the hair is drier or thicker) to proceed with detangling, which should only be done on damp hair and not on dry hair.

To style frizzy or curly children's hair, always start with the ends and then go up the lengths very gently with a wide-toothed comb, detangling brush or Tangle Teezer brush , so as not to break the curl of the hair and properly untangle the knots without causing tension.

After rinsing and towel-drying, apply a milk or a styling cream to damp hair, followed by an oily serum for thicker hair to seal in the hydration that's still there the nature of your child's hair.

Proceed with styling without pulling too much on the root. The child should not go to bed with a wet head, so it is advisable to give priority to care at the start of the day.

soin pour les cheveux crepus des enfants

Children's frizzy hair: daily maintenance

Braids or twists should remain protective hairstyles. It is preferable to redo them once a week for the good growth of the hair and to do the care (a book or a good cartoon allows them to occupy the time of the hairstyle). During the week do not leave the hair "bare" but spray a special children's moisturizing spray in the morning to keep the scalp and hair well nourished.

In addition, favor satin caps or pillowcases for sleeping to avoid dehydration of the hair.

It is important that your child's hair is well hydrated and not greased because this causes breakage in the long run, hair that grows much less quickly, catches dust and loses its shine.

For proper maintenance of children's frizzy hair, we follow children throughout the year in our sales area and adapt the hair routine according to their needs and growth. Do not hesitate to make an appointment at the store for a personalized diagnosis.

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