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Food supplements Madam President

When it comes to hair care, getting beautiful, healthy hair that grows is a top concern for many of us. One woman, Meriem Malone, understood this well when she created her successful range of food supplements for the hair Madame La Présidente. Gourmet food supplements, made in France, natural, and acclaimed by active women today.

How to get healthy and growing hair?

Your hair routine acts on the outer part of the hair by providing it with the hydration necessary for its protection and suppleness

Like skin and nails, hair needs certain essential nutrients in order to develop a healthy hair fiber. Vitamins, mainly group B, minerals such as iron, magnesium and copper and trace elements.

It is therefore necessary to bring daily and in sufficient quantity. To have beautiful hair, we must act from the inside by providing the nutrients that make up the hair fiber,

A balanced diet contributes to the good health of your hair but is not sufficient and requires additional intake.

In addition to an adapted hair routine, food supplements can be a great help for healthy hair.

So what food supplements for beautiful hair? Presentation of the range of hair food supplements Madam President.

Hair food supplements Madam President

Resolution N°1 – Hair growth and volume

Awarded in 2020 by a prize at the Victoires de la beauté, this brand's bestseller is a real concentrate of nature's benefits that will boost the health and growth of your hair.

On the menu for your hair full of vitamins, minerals and plants. The results:

- A hair fiber gradually restored, repaired and fortified.

- Hair that can then regain volume, vitality, shine and suppleness.

- A better definition for curly hair and especially hair that grows healthy!

To be taken as a cure of at least 30 days, 1 tablet once a day with 1 large glass of water. A cure of 3 months is however to be preferred for an optimal result. One box Resolution N°1 contains 30 tablets.

Hair detox tea Resolution N°2

Your second resolution to keep to regain healthy hair! A detox tea with cleansing and purifying properties to be taken as a 28-day cure morning and evening in addition to your tablets Resolution N°1.

With Resolution N°2 tea you benefit from the combined effects of ingredients from organic farming such as green tea, Gogi berries, peppermint or even ginger.

Its action will gently purify the scalp, help it fight dandruff and bring shine to your hair. Without forgetting its action against hair loss.

Tip: you can also use the infusion of this wonderful detox tea directly on your hair as a rinse after your shampoo. It will contribute to a better blood circulation of your scalp, to purified and fortified hair.

Hair food supplements: Hair Boost gummies Madam President

The brand's third star product, Hair Boost gummies. Gourmet food supplements with a good taste of strawberry and raspberry.

Small fruity gummies made in France, vegan, without artificial colors and real cocktails of vitamins AB5, B8, B9, B12 and E, minerals and plants.

2 gummies to take per day for a boost effect on hair growth and to restore strength and tone.

These dietary supplements always have the same objective for your hair: strengthen the hair shaft, tone it and promote faster growth.

Packed with essential nutrients, their content of zinc and the presence of biotin and arugula contributes to good hair growth. Iron is your ally against hair loss.

Result: a stimulating action on the scalp and follicles, strengthened hair fibre, more vigorous growth.

In order to boost hair growth, reduce hair loss, and restore strength and vitality to the hair, food supplements are a real help Thumbs up to the beauty of your hair. “Every woman is exceptional and deserves to feel beautiful despite a busy schedule. ” It is with these words inscribed on each jar of food supplements for hair Madam President that we perfectly understand the spirit of the brand and the will of its creator Meriem Malone : to offer natural products and effective for hair growth, to today's active women.


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