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EVASHAIR, a textured hair brand with a big heart

Evashair is above all the story of Eva, the creator of the brand. A story like many little girls with textured hair, who dreaded shampoo day because the detangling after shampooing caused a lot of breakage and pain.

Growing up, Elle noticed that her hair loss was getting worse and this worried her. She then looked for answers through the tutorials and videos of influencers specializing in curly hair. Unfortunately, this did not resolve her hair loss.

Following her misadventures, and after many tests, she clicked and decided to share her minimalist routine through her YouTube channel. Noting the growing demand from her listeners who, like her, were looking for advice on how to treat their dry and brittle hair, she developed her website to start marketing her products. The first will be black castor oil in 2019 but not just any, that of Haiti.

An oil with multiple virtues

This black castor oil also called carapate oil is extracted according to pure Haitian tradition. The seeds are harvested in their raw state and then sorted to remove any residue. They are then grilled over a wood fire, pressed in a mortar and then roasted until a shaded-coloured oil with a delicious aroma of grilled hazelnuts is obtained.

Thanks to this traditional manufacturing process, the properties of the oil are fully preserved. This prodigious oil with the sweet name Lwil Maskriti will provide you with all the omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, vitamin E and ricinoleic acid that your hair needs. Plus, it contains 30 times more polyphenols than classic castor oil.

The quality of this handcrafted oil will benefit brittle, damaged, dry hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, gentlemen's beards and even skin. Your hair will be longer, stronger, thicker and more beautiful.

Intense hydration, the common thread of its new range

Faced with the success of this first product, which she markets by showing the benefits on her own hair and by providing personalized advice to women who want it, she continues to develop, with the help of her community, her range intense hydration hair care products, all made with Lwil Maskriti.

Today, these moisturizers consist of shampoo, 2-in-1 mask conditioner, moisturizing cream, food supplements and heated helmet. A simple and effective routine to care for all hair types.

A beautiful human story

Evashair is the story of a woman who dreamed of having beautiful long hair and her love for her country. She created a cooperative to develop fair trade through local farmers. It thus allows many families to be able to send their children to school.

This is how she participated in the renovation of a school which can now accommodate up to 200 children who have access to knowledge for free, everything being fully financed by Evashair.

They also participate in reforestation by having planted 500 trees in Haiti since 2021.

How to use Lwil Maskriti on your hair?

To thicken your hair and promote good growth

Twice a week, take the equivalent of a small seed and massage all over your scalp, eyebrows, nails or beard, depending on the area you want to treat.

To preserve the hydration of your hair fiber

And yes this oil can be used without rinsing. After applying your spray, milk or moisturizer, massage the equivalent of a teaspoon onto your lengths and ends. This will seal in your hydration, while strengthening your hair.

In an oil bath

Before shampooing, apply the oil to your lengths and ends and leave on under a heated cap for at least 45 minutes or overnight. You can also mix it in your conditioner to optimize your results.

For the beard

Every day, preferably in the evening for best results, apply the equivalent of two drops of oil to the beard, massaging. Over time, your beard will grow faster, thicker and less brittle

In massage oil

Massage the oil after having previously warmed it in a bain-marie, all over the body until the skin is dry

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