Kalia nature, des soins capillaires naturels

Kalia nature, natural hair care

Kalia Nature is a family-inspired hair care brand. Sandrine Sophie, the founder, takes her recipes from her grandmother, a merchant in the markets of Martinique, she revisited them when her daughter was born. The brand offers cosmetic products for curly, curly and frizzy hair. It is committed to designing natural products that are good for you and good for the planet.

Nature at the service of your hair! Sandrine Sophie, the brand's founder is a specialist in chemistry. Indeed, she worked for a long time for the world leader in cosmetics, the L’Oréal group. This long professional experience has enabled the Martinican-born entrepreneur to acquire solid technical skills in product formulation. The need to use healthy and natural products was felt when her daughter was born. The designer herself was coming out of a long period of hair straightening and had the ambition to now take care of her hair as naturally as possible. She then made her first handmade products for herself and her daughter. She was so satisfied that she wanted to share her recipes with everyone who felt the same need as her. The treatments are now manufactured in its own laboratory in the Paris region. recipes based on 95% natural ingredients because for this mother, nothing is better than simplicity. Treatments made essentially from vegetable oils and butters.

kalia nature soins capillaires  à l'hibiscus

Kalia Nature, a committed Afro-French brand

The brand created in 2015 asserts itself with conviction as a French cosmetics brand for frizzy, curly and frizzy hair. Its approach is resolutely ecological with natural products and recyclable bottles. The brand is now enjoying growing success with women with textured hair who care about respecting their hair, nature and the planet. It is a brand that mainly provides solutions to your hair problems. On the site you will find products according to your hair problem: cporous hair, low porosity, dry and brittle hair and even solutions to counter hair loss. You will also find advice for your hair. With its blog, the brand allows you to take care of your hair as it should while committing to the environment. In particular with the publication of very didactic articles such as “all about essential oils” or “4 ultra-simple ecological gestures with Kalia Nature bottles”.

Winner of a prize at the Natural Hair Academy for the best Leave-in

Some products have become essential for consumers! Starting with the famous Hibiscus Hair Spa Serum. It is excellent for textured hair thanks to its Galba oil straight from the West Indies. A perfect product for dry and tight scalps. It is a soothing oil bath based on essential oils including the famous Ravintsara oil. Then we have the Hibiscus Jelly to highlight your beautiful curls. It is a styling gel based on Aloe vera and hibiscus flower powder. It also allows maximum hydration thanks to Agave and glycerin. And finally, the hibiscus hair milk, a leave-in, that is to say a conditioner to be used without rinse which will detangle your curls and restore their suppleness and vitality. The brand received its award for its fame Hibiscus Cream. One of the favorite products of consumers. For information, Kalia Nature bears the name of one of the emblematic flowers of Martinique, the Kalia. Sandrine Sophie gave a nod to her island with her brand of hair cosmetics with gentle, natural ingredients. She ended up seducing even today consumers with non-textured hair. Come and test Kalia Nature products or our wide selection of targeted hair care in store and find the products of the brand on your Ethnilink online store

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