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Make-up for black skin, our beauty tips

A makeup that lasts throughout the day without smudging requires a good morning routine and the choice of textures adapted to your skin type. When it comes to make-up for black, dull, mixed-race skin, special care must be taken when choosing products if you want to avoid the "oxidation" effect: the skin becomes darker or turns gray during the day. Good hydration of the skin, the use of a mattifying cream will often be complementary to the use of make-up products.

Prepare your skin for long-lasting makeup wear

Before applying makeup, it is important to prepare your skin well so that your beauty treatment lasts all day. First cleanse your skin thoroughly with a suitable mousse or cleansing gel followed by your micellar water or lotion to remove lime from harmful water for sensitive black skin and perfect your cleansing. Apply your face cream according to your skin type. For combination skin, apply a mattifying primer to the T-zone, patting with your fingertips to mattify well before applying your foundation. This should be close to your skin tone or even slightly lighter to bring light to your face. If you have problems with spots, dark circles or redness, apply a neutralizer before the concealer for a flawless complexion, by tapping on the areas concerned and for better unification. If your skin tends to shine in certain areas, waterproof correctors will be your best allies: matte finish and long-lasting without a mask effect. For dehydrated black skin, we recommend mixing your moisturizing base directly with your foundation to avoid the "cardboard" effect in the middle of the day. Small reminder: it is important to try your foundation before buying it on your face and not on your hand, the color is often not the same, this will save you a lot of disappointment when you get home. The makeup of black skin is a delicate art but also very subjective...

Makeup for black skin, sublimate the complexion

Follow with a mattifying powder slightly lighter than the foundation to keep a nice natural glow. On your eyebrows do not apply black pencil which hardens the lines and prefer brown more or less dark according to your complexion. For blush, natural tones for mixed skin and lighter skin, more red-orange tones for darker skin tones to enhance the radiance of the complexion. Think of the pencil line for the outline of your lips, which will prevent the lipstick from "spinning" and will allow, if you choose it darker than your gloss or your lipstick, a nice "lipsé" effect making your lips irresistible . For those who prefer natural makeup, BB cream or CC cream will be perfect. Light and unifying, they can be worn alone or with a cloud of powder. Guaranteed and invisible healthy glow effect. This is the magic of this type of foundation, we forget them: light, natural and radiant, perfect for a natural make-up of black skin.

To find out which foundation is best suited to your skin, come and test them in your Ethnilink store and stay informed of our makeup events on our Instagram page.

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