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The secrets of a suitable routine for your curly hair

Do you have curly or wavy hair and don't know where to start to create the best care routine? Due to their shape, the sebum is more difficult to distribute over the lengths of textured hair and sometimes leaves it dry and brittle. It is possible to have beautiful hair in motion, but it requires specific care. If you have curly hair and you wonder how to properly define your curls, follow the guide and discover the right gestures to reveal their beauty.

3 steps to a wavy hair care routine

The ideal hair routine includes 3 simple and essential steps for the care of wavy hair.

Deep care for your wavy hair

Start your hair routine to achieve curls and waves that show through an oil bath. By using oils such as macadamia oil , jojoba oil or shea butter , you will nourish your hair. This will promote the growth of your hair which will be fortified. Let the fatty substance penetrate for several hours by covering your hair with plastic film, while going about your business, or overnight. When you wake up, wash your shampoo.

A gentle wash

The second step of your care ritual must be composed of a shampoo adapted to the needs of your hair type. Banish abrasive and harsh shampoos , and choose mild, natural shampoos .

  • Divide your hair into sections
  • Massage your scalp and clean it with the shampoo
  • Let the cleansing product flow over the lengths
  • Rinse
  • Gently detangle each section with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb using a detangling conditioner
  • Rinse thoroughly

Intense hydration

After shampooing, you can also leave a nourishing mask on the hair, using heat to open the cuticles and effectively enter the hair fiber.

The bonus step that will complete your hair's shine is the apple cider vinegar rinse.

Don't forget to end your treatment session with a leave- in moisturizer . Maintain the benefit of your treatment by letting it air dry or using a diffuser on the cool button to dry your hair. To finish, style with a suitable mousse or jelly.

To maintain hydration until your next treatment, dampen your hair from time to time with a spray bottle of water , and put a dab of cream, insisting on the ends.

Our advice for a hair routine for curly hair

Even more than wavy hair, curly hair needs proper moisture. The curls being more regular and tighter, the hair is more exposed to breakage.

Perfect definition for your curls

Your hair is forming curls but you would like them to be fuller. Find our recommendations for a natural routine for curly hair. For an optimal curly hair routine , get products specially created for them. The curl will be shaped by a structuring foam which will give it shine. Also favor light jellies which, when drying, will naturally define your curls without the cardboard effect or visible residue.

Protect your natural curly hair

The hair is weakened by a lack of care, but also by external aggressions. Remember to integrate the notion of protection into your natural curly hair routine , especially if your curly hair is fine . Sleep with a silk or satin bonnet over your hair, or invest in a pillowcase of the same material. On a daily basis, avoid handling your hair too often, and protect your lengths and ends as much as you can.

A regular routine

Finally, be consistent in your care routine for curly or wavy hair. Moisturizing, cleansing, detangling and moisturizing should be done on a regular basis, but not every day.

To have beautiful, visibly healthy hair, do not leave your hair untreated for long periods of time. Products take time to take effect, and it takes practice to adopt the right gestures in the long term. Also remember to drink plenty of water, because hydration also and above all comes from the inside.

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