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Straightening Frizzy Hair: The Best Options

Since 2010, in France, the market for curly to frizzy hair care has evolved enormously. We went from almost nothing to almost too much! We are not going to complain about it but today's offer is so important that we get lost in the relevance of the products.

However, one point stands out and remains an important subject in the choice or not of using chemicals to treat our hair: straight hair or natural curly hair. It is true that at the time, the only possibility to have smooth hair for more than a day was the relaxer or the softener. Besides, little parenthesis, make no mistake about it, a fabric softener is a softer relaxer but remains an action that will change your hair fiber permanently.

Relaxer Pros Or Cons

Whether it's for a wedding, a baptism or any other exceptional event, it's a shame when you've been natural for several years to relax your hair for a day when you don't want it. Today there are products offering another alternative that does not distort the original hair
Two professional American brands now allow you to straighten your hair for a week without having to straighten your hair if you don't want to: Keracare with their Thermal Wonder range and Design Essentials with their Agave & Lavender range.
These new cosmetic feats make it possible to prepare, detangle and straighten curly to frizzy hair, in complete freedom and without damage, since the next time you wash your hair, it will regain its natural curliness.

Thermal Wonder Keracare

Keracare Thermal Wonder is made with Marula Oil, Moringa Oil, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Beet Sugar and Vitamin to prepare and protect your hair during the straightening stage. It is done in 3 steps:
- step 1, the Pre-Poo conditioner which we recommend leaving on overnight the day before shampooing. It will hydrate, refresh and help detangle your hair to prepare it for straightening with Moringa, Marula, Green Tea and Aloe Vera
- step 2, the Cleansing Cream Shampoo to cleanse without dehydrating, facilitate combing on damp hair to reduce breakage, increase hydration of the scalp and hair
- step 3: the 6 in 1 Thermal Protector to seal the cuticles, protect against thermal damage and help straighten the hair.

Agave & Lavender Design Essentials

Design Essentials Agave & Lavender is made with natural Agave extract, soothing lavender, mango butter, restorative vitamins, superfoods like broccoli oil and green tea extract and of a unique blend of antioxidants. It is done in 4 steps noted on each product:
- step 1, the ultra moisturizing shampoo to soften your hair and prepare it for care
- step 2, ultra moisturizing conditioner to smooth and repair cuticles and facilitate detangling
- step 3, the leave-in primer, bi-phase to shake that will protect your hair during the blow-out and reduce the drying time by 50%
- step 4, the protective cream that will highly protect your hair fiber before using the straightener
Tested and approved by our customers, these two ranges have allowed them to save time and change their hairstyle, according to their desires, without changing their hair type. They are also ideal for hair in transition, if you do not want to do a big chop or simply space out your straightening.

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