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Makeup For Dark To Dark Skin

The first important point, before applying your make-up, is to prepare your skin well so that it lasts all day:

1. cleanse your skin with your appropriate cleansing foam or gel followed by your micellar water or lotion to remove limescale from the water and complete your cleansing. Then apply the face cream adapted to your skin type

Correct Imperfections

2. for combination skin, apply a mattifying base to the T-zone by tapping with your fingertips to matify well before applying your foundation. This should be close to your skin tone or even slightly lighter to bring light to your face. For spots or dark circles, we advise you to apply a concealer one tone lighter than the color of your foundation, preceded by an orange neutralizer if necessary to avoid overloading. For redness on lighter skin tones, apply a green neutralizer before concealer.
Using a neutralizer before concealer helps achieve a flawless complexion and better unifies your complexion. If your skin tends to shine in certain areas, waterproof correctors will be your best allies: matte finish and long-lasting without a mask effect. Follow with a mattifying powder slightly lighter than the foundation to keep a nice natural glow.

Makeup On Dehydrated Skin

3. for dehydrated skin, we recommend mixing your moisturizing base directly with your foundation to avoid the "cardboard" effect in the middle of the day. Choose liquid foundations, which are lighter on the skin, for better comfort and a more natural result.
4. on your eyebrows do not apply a black pencil which hardens the lines and prefer more or less dark brown depending on your complexion.
5. for blush, fair skin will be enhanced by natural tones, while darker skin will prefer more red-orange tones to enhance their radiance.
6. for the contour of your lips, a line of pencil will prevent the lipstick from "spinning". By choosing it darker than your gloss or lipstick, you will get a nice lip effect making your lips irresistible.

Makeup Natural

We recommend that those who prefer natural makeup, opt for BB creams or CC creams. Moisturizing, mattifying, unifying and light, you can use it alone or with a light powder. In a few seconds, your complexion will be luminous and imperfections blurred while keeping an invisible effect. Real comfort, because they don't stain, aren't greasy and let your skin breathe.
If you have trouble finding the most suitable foundation for your skin, we advise you to come the first time, test in store to determine which one will suit you best

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