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Makeup for black and mixed skin

There are nearly 40 shades of black and mixed skin

How to navigate with so many shades among matte to dark black skin? If you add the different textures of complexion products: liquid foundation or fluid, cream foundation, powdered cream, or stick?

Loose Powders, Compact Powders, Semi-Compacts? Choices can quickly become difficult without advice. Every day, we respond to as many specific expectations as there are customers.

The first elements of the answer

The influence of pigments

Black skin is enhanced by pigments different from those that sublimate Caucasian skin. Therefore, it is very important to choose the material and the color of your foundation carefully to avoid the "plaster" or grayish effect in the middle of the day.

For an adequate choice, it is always preferable to try your foundation on the face rather than on the hand. Not having the same colors, it is the insurance of choosing the wrong shade and having a "bad look" result.

For light to very fair mixed-race skin, it is preferable to favor orange and golden pigments which warm the complexion and bring it all its light.

For Indian skin the dark golden pigments should be chosen because the complexion is still different from mestizo skin.

For dark skin it is the red pigments that will sublimate your skin

For black "ebony" skin the bluish pigments will be perfect

The blush will be with the same pigments to enhance your cheekbones in a natural and subtle way.

Colored skin: perfecting your make-up

For lip make-up, if the color is not the same, all you have to do is unify them with a more or less dark matte brown pencil depending on the natural color of your lips, before putting on your favorite gloss or lipstick.

This one will hold better and the color will be even on all your lips.

If you are contouring the pencil for a "lipsed" effect or reshaping your lips, the pencil should be placed inside the lip with a darker color for fuller lips, for thinner lips the pencil should be applied to the outside of your lips.

On black skin, generally avoid black eyebrow pencil, which hardens the features and does not highlight your face.

For mixed-race skin, choose a chocolate brown that will open your eyes, for black skin, choose a dark brown depending on your skin tone. The only skins that support black on the eyebrows are the very dark skins "ebony".

Read our article on makeup for colored skin on our blog dedicated to the beauty of black and mixed-race women

Damaged black skin: choosing the right products

Some dark skins can oxidize on contact with foundation, hence the importance of waiting after application to check how your skin reacts. If it darkens, it will be necessary to choose one to three lighter shades according to the needs.

If you use hydroquinone-based products, be aware that damaged skin tends to thin, lose its natural protection and foundation becomes difficult to apply. It is then necessary to favor liquid foundations and correctors at the same time, making it possible to even out the skin without smothering it.

To find out which foundation is best suited to your skin tone, don't hesitate to come to the store to give it a try.

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