Masque Nappy Queen, concentré d'hydratation

Nappy Queen mask, hydration concentrate

A small concentrate of softness in a tube, the Nappy Queen mask based on beeswax and castor oil meets multiple needs: it deeply nourishes the hair fiber and traps deposits which clog the hair, thus preparing the fiber for the shampoo that will follow. It can be used on curly, frizzy or straightened hair.

Nappy Queen Mask

In addition, locks wearers will find in the Nappy Queen mask an ideal product that penetrates deep into the locks, without leaving residue, its substance being melting as soon as it is spread. The mask is used before shampooing, on slightly damp hair. It should be left on for 15 to 30 minutes and then rinsed off.

There is no need to use it every week, once every fortnight is more than enough to nourish the hair with nutrients essential to its good health, hence its 150ml capacity.

A responsible brand

The Nappy Queen and Nappy Kids ranges for children are natural care ranges that have been specifically formulated for curly, locksed, or frizzy hair. With compositions reaching for some products up to 99% natural ingredients, such as shea butter, moisturizing, which protects, softens and nourishes the hair fiber. Or Coconut Oil, which nourishes and softens the hair.

Their effectiveness will reside in a cocktail of hydrating, nourishing and protective active ingredients and emollients to soften and improve the penetration of the active ingredients. As well as natural fortifiers for vitality and shine.

The products respond to a natural process, are not tested on animals and are respectful of the environment by not being over-packaged.

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