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Mielle Organics, recipes for success

Mielle Organics is the up and coming American cosmetics brand. Created in 2014 by Monique Rodriguez a nurse, it has since brilliantly met the needs of curly, curly and frizzy hair. The company has just raised nearly $100 million from investors to expand.

Monique Rodriguez founded her brand Mielle Organics in 2014, in Indiana. Particularly sensitive to health issues, this former nurse chose to create a cosmetics brand for textured hair and skin with only natural ingredients and vitamins. Ingredients such as pomegranate and honey, aloe vera, mongogo oil or babassu make up the formulas.

Monique Rodriguez began to concoct in her kitchen for her own consumption mixtures with natural ingredients. Little by little around her, at the sight of her magnificent hair, people wanted to use her products. And so the adventure began.

Mielle Organics is now home to several successful hair care collections. Among these are:

Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey

This must-have range is a collection of hair care products mainly based on pomegranate and honey. It is dedicated to thick type 4 hair, i.e. curly to frizzy according to the Walker scale.

With ingredients like babassu oil, the products in this collection are perfect for natural hair and lovers of natural ingredients. They make it possible to hydrate and restore pep to dry and damaged hair.

At Ethnilink, this range that we have just introduced has become essential for our customers in the space of two months! We had a lot of customer feedback in a very short time and all those who tested it, the plebiscite. Pomegranate and Honey has been found by our customers to be effective in enhancing their curls. Its lightweight formula is perfect for a well-hydrated scalp and hair.

Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint.

Nutrient-rich hair care formulated to deliver deep hydration to your hair while keeping it healthy.

A collection infused with biotin, the famous vitamin B8 which promotes energy production and allows the synthesis of certain amino acids very useful for the growth of your hair. In particular thanks to the essential oils of rosemary and mint which promote better blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

Hawaiian Ginger.

The products in this collection are also concocted with natural ingredients such as ginger and avocado oils as well as citrus extracts to restore good hydration to the hair.

This range is particularly suitable for dry, thirsty hair. The products are aptly named because they are made with Hawaiian ginger roots.

You will find multiple products such as a nutritive sealing butter or a hydrating night cream to reinforce the treatment on brittle hair.

Mielle Organics was born out of passion.

Indeed, Monique Rodriguez was a nurse for more than 8 years. But always passionate about the world of beauty. She decided to drop everything and use her knowledge of health and support for the sick for the benefit of her passion.

And she has no regrets about her past as a nurse, on the contrary, it has given her real expertise. The awareness of wanting to help women look beautiful while protecting their health from harmful products.

She explains that for a woman to feel good about herself, she must feel good about her hair. Especially for all African-American women who needed special care and treatment to proudly display their hair.

Mielle Organics is also for the founder a message of hope to all women who dream of setting up their own business. In 2019, she even set up a mentoring program to encourage and support all women who want to open businesses. His podcast, "The Secret Sauce of Success" is still available on Itunes.

So? Bet won for our entrepreneur who has just raised 100 million dollars in 2021 for the development of her company which she runs with her husband.

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