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Nohooh, new unifying skincare brand

Ethnilink official Nohooh distributor

The new range Nohooh (for No-Hydroquinone) has been selected for you, for its line of dermo-cosmetic products dedicated to black skin, mestizo and asian.

Nohooh respects very strict specifications to meet the requirements of consumers wishing to find a good evening of the complexion but in a "safe" mode and thus avoid damaging the skin with lightening products.

Ethnilink is perfectly in line with the Nohooh brand philosophy by offering its customers products that allow them to care for and treat the skin: whether it is pigment spots, acne or hydration, without use products based on hydroquinone source of skin cancers and irreversible "vitiligo effect" type spots.

What we appreciated in this range is the concentration of innovative active ingredients from Phytotherapy, such as:

- Alpha Arbutin (bearberry extract) to accelerate the breakdown and elimination of melanin.

- The Natriance Brightener, a yeast extract that allows the skin to reveal its own radiance, create a natural glow and enhance the complexion for a more luminous appearance.

- Achromaxyl, a botanical extract that brightens the skin and reduces the appearance of age spots.

The range is made up of 15 products. Among the darlings of Ethnilink customers are:

Nohooh lightening body milk

The Nohooh lightening body milk repairs face and body. With a triple moisturizing, nourishing and unifying action, it also works well on brown spots, scar spots, spots due to hair removal (armpit and edge of the bikini line), solar lentigo, age spots.

Brightening eye contour treatment

This eye brightening treatment is rich in Alpha Arbutin, Natriance Brightener, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, and Acticire. It brightens, smooths, hydrates and relaxes the eye contour, it is anti dark circles, anti spots, anti fatigue. Apply morning and evening in light circular movements daily.

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