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Our tips for taking care of frizzy hair

It is not always easy to find the best methods to take care of frizzy hair. And for good reason, the information available is sometimes contradictory. How to adopt a good hair routine for frizzy hair?

We offer you our advice to familiarize yourself with the right gestures to have long and strong frizzy hair. To start, choose your mild shampoo, your hair masks and remember to moisturize your hair regularly.

Zoom in on all our hair care habits to keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy! You will know how to further enhance your afro hair.

Focus on the specificities of frizzy hair

Each type of hair has its own particularities and needs. Care for straight hair or curly hair and care for frizzy hair are not the same. Indeed, frizzy hair is sometimes finer and more brittle. Dryness is the main cause of frizzy hair breakage, which is why hydration must be the first instinct for your hair care. We recommend that you take great care in choosing hair products that should be nourishing and suitable. Avocadot or macadamia oil, for example, will enhance the beauty and shine of dull hair.

First step in successful hair care: shampoo

Washing your hair once a week is the very first effective hair treatment. For all hair types, prefer keratin-based shampoos for deep conditioning. You can also opt for specific shampoo for afro hair.

Then, the choice of your hair shampoo and conditioner will also depend on these few aspects:

• Is your hair very dry?
• Do you have colored hair?
• Is your hair damaged or difficult to straighten?

In general, it is quite rare to have afro hair and oily hair at the same time. It is most often dry and damaged hair that requires intense nutrition. Right from the start, opt for a gentle, moisturizing and nourishing shampoo. If you usually have brittle hair, opt for an anti-hair loss shampoo that protects against external aggressions. Then do not put too much: A small hazelnut in the hand is more than enough for short hair and a tablespoon of shampoo and other styling products for long hair.

Air drying for shiny hair

The use of heating devices should be limited during your hair care session. The straightener in particular is the enemy of frizzy hair. It tends to weaken the hair which by force will no longer be able to take its natural bend. Use it sparingly, with a protective product, if you want to regain your beautiful curls afterwards. The hot hair dryer has similar effects on the hair, namely extreme dryness and breakage. Thus favor drying in the open air.

By opting for this method, you can more easily control the volume of your frizzy hair and effectively define its natural waves.

If you don't want to air dry, you can gently wrap your hair in a cotton cloth or microfiber towel. These materials will only absorb excess water and leave your hair hydrated.

Hair care for frizzy hair

To have resistant and visibly beautiful hair, it must be completely nourished, mainly at the lengths and ends. This requires you to choose nourishing hair products specifically designed for naturally textured hair. For your hair, vegetable oils such as coconut oil or jojoba are ideal for daily use for shine.

Choosing the right frizzy hair mask

The hair mask complements sweet almond oil and other natural vegetable oils during your treatment session. You can try DIY methods using natural products, but we recommend products that have been studied with the aim of caring for your hair. Prefer masks for hair care and frizzy hair care already available on the market. We have carefully selected the best masks that you can find on our online store. Bet on a moisturizing hair mask and remember to pamper split ends and fragile ends that need to be fortified.

A moisturizer of choice for frizzy hair care

Frizzy hair requires regular hydration. Depending on the porosity of your hair, that is to say its ability to retain the hydration provided, you will need to moisturize it more or less often. Apart from your weekly treatment session consisting of an oil bath, shampoo and mask, you can moisturize your hair every day. Depending on the condition of your hair, you can make do with a simple spray or use a specific moisturizer. It can be a detangler, with or without rinsing, or a treatment to leave on for a long time.

As for the type of hair product, you can bet on shea butter,argan oil, 'Olive oil or Monoï. Wrap your hair in a warm, soft cotton towel so as not to weaken it and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Sleeping with a satin nightcap and using a detangling brush

Sleeping with a scarf or nightcap is not considered glamorous. It is nevertheless one of the most effective ways to maintain beautiful, healthy, frizzy hair. This will keep them nicely curved and avoid swelling or tangling. You can also find beautiful satin cups on our online store. Finally, another option is to make one or more braids, in order to protect the hair from friction and to avoid taking a bad fold.
New technologies in detangling brushes contribute to the care of frizzy hair. Like the brushes available on our site, they remove knots while preserving the loop and limiting breakage. The latter are particularly suitable for frizzy hair care because they are not very aggressive for the hair fibre. It is preferable to limit any friction and always proceed on wet hair or coated with a detangling treatment. However, it is strongly advised not to untangle your frizzy hair too much, as this will harm its texture and natural beauty. Do not hesitate to complete the detangling with your fingers if certain knots are particularly resistant.

To remember absolutely about frizzy hair care:

A good moisturizing cream is the best beauty care ally for frizzy hair. Indeed, the best frizzy hair care must have protective qualities and restore their shine. As such, the styling creams based on ylang-ylang and rich in vitamins will be very useful to you. Your frizzy hair needs nourishing care to restore vitality and provide it with essential fatty acids. Opt for a repairing treatment that will make your hair silky and soft to the touch without weighing it down. All you have to do is show off your naturally beautiful and fortified hair.

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