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Our tips for creating eyebrows on black skin

Many tips and tricks are available to make up your eyebrows. But if you have black skin, it can be a little more difficult to find the right products and techniques. How to do your eyebrows when you have black skin? In this article, we will see how to highlight your eyebrows on black skin! We'll give you our best advice on how to choose the right products and apply them. After reading this article, you'll know all about how to get beautiful brows that complement your skin tone!

Determining their natural shape: the basis for having beautiful eyebrows on black skin

Eye makeup is very important in general facial makeup. First, determine the natural shape of your eyebrows. Some people have high arches, some have low arches, and still others have a more curved shape. Once you have determined your natural shape, you can start filling them in accordingly. If you have full eyebrows, it is not necessary to pluck them completely to obtain a sophisticated result.

How do you know the shape of your eyebrows? There is no single answer to the eyebrow shape question, it all really depends on your face shape. However, some general rules apply. If you have a round face, for example, try to make your eyebrows less round by giving them a more angular shape. For Black women, it's often better to opt for a natural shape rather than trying to create thin, angular eyebrows. You can redesign your eyebrows with the help of a beauticianexpert in eyebrow makeup.

How to choose the color of your eyebrow pencil?

You can enhance your look without necessarily going through the total restructuring of the eyebrows. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating brows on dark skin:

  • First, use an eyebrow pencil in the shade closest to your hair color. So your eyebrows will not harden your features. In some cases, it may be worth going through a depigmentation followed by coloring of the eyebrows for a natural result
  • Next, be sure to apply the brow pencil with a light hand and blend well so that there are no visible lines.
  • Finally, if you prefer to obtain an effect of depth in the look and contrast with your complexion, do not apply the first tip. Prefer an eyebrow shade one or two shades darker than your hair color.

Remember to equip yourself so that you can draw your eyebrows easily. In addition, you will need the pencil of the right color: a bottle brush, an angled brush, a blender brush to blend, a small brush to discipline the hairs of the eyebrows and powder or gel to fix them. Tweezers can also be useful for touching up eyebrow shaping and removing blemishes if needed.

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How to draw your eyebrows on black skin step by step

The steps to follow to enhance your look with your eyebrows are very simple. They also depend on your tastes and the result you want to obtain.

  • Start by drawing the outline of your eyebrows using the eyebrow pencil. Make sure to stay within the natural shape of your brow line,
  • Then fill in your eyebrows with small strokes. If you want to make sure they are full and thick, you can do that by using a brow pencil or powder to fill in sparse areas and fill in the rounds,
  • Use an brow brush or brush to set them in place,
  • Then fix them with a light coat of a specific wax-type product to ensure they stay in place, or leave them as they are

Avoid if you want to have well-made eyebrows

Here's a list of things not to do if you're looking for the perfect look: Don't fill in your brow with concealer or foundation. You'll end up with an overly arched eyebrow that doesn't look natural at all! Instead, try using powder blush or contour powder to create a more natural shape, then blend it with a suitable brush so that no harsh lines remain. Do this step before applying eyeliner, otherwise they will fade when you put on mascara afterwards.

We've given you our best tips for getting beautifully sculpted eyebrows on dark skin and making your beauty look a success. All you have to do is apply them to finalize your day or evening make-up.

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