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Obia Naturals, natural and vegan hair care

Obia Naturals is an American hair care brand for curly, curly and frizzy hair, established in 2012 by Obia Ewah. It was after a personal tragedy during her third year in medicine that the young student from Nigeria began concocting her own skin and hair products in her kitchen.

After having to face cancer during her studies, an ordeal from which she triumphed, Obia Ewah, decided to use only natural products for her hair and skin .

Unable to find the products on the market that satisfy her, she begins to design her own mixtures in her kitchen. Products based on natural ingredients such as mango, babassu oil or shea. Her family, friends and entourage quickly adopted her natural recipes and this success in esteem encouraged and pushed her to set up her business.

Vegan skincare without elements of animal origin

Obia Naturals is a desire to offer the most natural afro hair care possible. Vegan formulas do not include beeswax, honey, milk as in other common cosmetic product formulas.

They also do not contain maligned ingredients such as sulfates or mineral oils but are instead enriched with vitamins and have a neutral ph to better maintain the balance and hydration of your skin.

Its success has largely come from there, the brand has been able to reach everyone concerned about the formulations of the products they use.

In particular thanks to its bestseller the Babassu detangling conditioner. It is a detangling conditioner, excellent for facilitating styling. The very penetrating and emollient Babassu oil nourishes the hair fiber and moisturizes the hair in depth. It also contains avocado oil and rosemary essential oil.

We also have the famous Curl Moisture Cream, an moisturizing cream ideal for natural hair. It promotes curls, with its light and creamy texture. The cream locks moisture in the hair and reduces frizz. It brings shine and comfort thanks to its argan oil, its grape seed oil and its burdock roots, a plant that strengthens the hair.

And finally, let's also mention the solid shampoo Coconut shea shampoo bar. It washes the hair without drying it out thanks to its formulation with shea butter, coconut oil and castor oil. It is of course vegan and natural, ph neutral and not tested on animals like all Obia Naturals products.

Available for a short time in France, Obia Naturals has become a reference in terms of textured hair. The brand was propelled onto this podium of emerging brands by the editors of the Naturally Curly site for three good reasons. The products are good for the planet, respectful of animals and nature and finally, good for you.

Obia Naturals is like medicine at the service of your hair and your skin. You are in good hands: with his skills as a chemist and biologist, Obia Ewah offers you healthy hair products designed in his own laboratory.

As a member of the American Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Obia Ewah wanted to meet the expectations of the most sensitive people. With its natural and vegan components, you can be sure of the quality of the care you use.

Obia Naturals guarantees you soft skin, hydrated, healthy hair and silky smooth hair with premium hair care.

Did you know? Obia means the eldest in a language of Nigeria where the foundress is from. Her parents called her that because she is indeed the first of the siblings. The brand is also a tribute to her family with whom she works since her brother Omini Ewah is her partner and her father also has a position in the company.

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