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An afro hair Made in France

Long eclipsed by American brands, French companies specializing in products for Afro curly, frizzy or curly hair are now more and more numerous to hatch on the market. Sapote or kukui oils, shea whipped cream, coconut and bamboo scrub, etc., they offer a multitude of ranges, recipes and accessories to a clientele delighted with this return to natural skincare.

Afro hair: ever more natural products

Stop endocrine disruptors and other chemicals harmful to our bodies. Several brands are committed to developing products that respect the environment and, above all, health. This is the case of Noire ô Naturel Cosmétiques, founded by Fétia van Hecke, dedicated to the care of the skin and hair of black, mixed-race and Mediterranean women. . Labeled by Ecocert and Nature et Progrès, its cosmetics are presented in bottles made of fully recyclable ecological material. In the same vein, the eco-responsible brand Doobaline is certified organic by Ecocert for products intended for dry to very dry afro hair. Its creator Hafsatou Marième LY, originally from West Africa, works together with a French laboratory to design skincare products based on active ingredients from African nature (Moringa oil, Baobab oil from Senegal, shea butter from Mali) and from South America (Cupuaçu vegetable butter from Brazil).

The newcomers Waam, Soarn, Kalia: intuition and creativity at the service of Afro or mixed hair.

With commitment and devotion, some companies have developed products for both afro hair and skin. Soarn Cosmetics is an example of this. The brand founded by Solange and Arnoul Gnonhoué formulates natural hair care without additives and other chemical components for natural afro frizzy, curly, curly and wavy hair and offers for the skin, butters and oils for all season use.

Soarn hair care

Others have gone even further, such as Waam (“We Are All Metis”) by offering customers the possibility of designing their own products with recipe kits. Neutral bases, oils, utensils, salts, floral waters… Everything is there! The brand defends a concept of authentic, healthy and committed beauty. For example, its shea butter is made from nuts harvested in Mali. It is the “ fruit of the work of a cooperative bringing together more than a thousand women from 37 villages, who are committed to the survival of their ancestral profession”, she reveals. In short, artisanal and ecological products.

Hair care: Waam oils

The influence of social networks

In the era of social networks, it is impossible to miss this abundance of hair care for Afro or mixed hair in France. Not to mention the impact of influencers. One thinks of the collaboration between the Martinican blogger and youtuber Soline (alias The Pretty Us Mu) and the brand Kalia Nature (see at the end of the article). Together, they developed a 95% plant-derived hibiscus cream for all hair types. Building on her good and bad experiences with her hair, Sandrine Sophie founded Kalia Nature three years ago. The Martiniquaise was inspired by the products that her grandmother used and sold on the Fort-de-France market to develop the best hair care "at the service of our hair". All these nimble-fingered business leaders testify to the richness and know-how of French brands in natural hair. And this multiplicity of hair care for afro hair is far from over.

Video of blogger Soline telling us about her collaboration with the brand Kalia nature

Let's trust French designers!

For their commitment to more natural products, for their courage as business creators and for all the reasons mentioned in this article, Provial Cosmetics has chosen to favor the referencing of French hair care brands.

Indeed, these creators are passionate, 200% invested in the formulation of their ranges to offer us the best quality in terms of composition and effectiveness (the standards in France are more demanding than those practiced in the United States ).

French haircare brands are newer than their American competitors but hold their own very well, especially for those looking for really "clean" compositions.

So let's make room for them on our shelves and encourage them! You will be surprised by the place they will take over time.

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