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The Blue Sap of the Oceans. Thalgo Laboratories

The Thalgo Laboratories have been a tremendous source of inspiration and innovation for 60 years. Their latest technology: La Sève Bleue des Océans is sea water drawn from a depth of 22 meters in the heart of the jewel of the Côte de Granit Rose full of precious minerals (in the north of Brittany, in the Côtes d'Armor).

Blue Sap of the Oceans: hydration, hydration, hydration!

14 times richer in Silicon, 12 times more concentrated in Manganese and 8 times more concentrated in Zinc than traditional seawater, this new collection allows the hydration of the cells of your skin to to one. Reinforced by the detoxifying Lumisource acting on cellular autophagy (process of elimination of oxidized proteins) it offers a perfect radiance to thirsty skin thanks to the encapsulation and polarization of water allowing optimal penetration and better cell diffusion. The other key innovation of this new collection Sève Bleue des Océans is the creation of a "vital water well" to mimic and reinforce the natural process of hydrating your skin to stop water loss. Results: intense hydration and remineralization of your skin, freshness, softness, suppleness, radiant and luminous complexion. Our customers did not miss it this winter at the store to keep their skin well hydrated and radiant.

The range

This range of Thalgo products includes:
  • 3 moisturizers to choose according to the dehydration of your skin
  • serums, ampoules and cream-gels to be used in addition to creams for better comfort and protection of the skin against external aggressions during the day
  • cleansing products also formulated for sensitive skin, scrubs and masks complete this special collection for “thirsty” skin.
If you have combination skin, this range is ideal for you in winter. To be alternated in summer with mattifying products to preserve the balance of your skin. If you need information or in case of doubt, it is best to make an appointment at your Ethnilink store to make a diagnosis with the Imetric de Thalgo device and target at your needs better.

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