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SJR skincare made in France

The SJR brand, Sandrine Jeanne Rose for friends, is a French family business managed by a mother Sandrine and her daughter Brunella Emmanuelli.

Created in 2012, SJR Paris formulates dermo-capillary products for all hair types: colored, straightened, softened, textured, smoothed, natural. A year ago, they reformulated their products so that they no longer contained endocrine disruptors, sulphates, silicones, dyes, parabens and other phenoxyethanols.

Indeed, the products Sandrine Jeanne Rose can be used on children from the age of 3, the founders were keen to offer treatments, for the most part, to more than 96 % of ingredients of natural origin with high quality plant active ingredients.

Natural keratin care SJR Paris

Their favorite active ingredient is Keratin protein. Straightening, coloring, excessive use of straightening irons, UV rays and even limescale weaken the keratin contained in our hair, making it fragile and brittle. This is why they have chosen to use Nutrilan Keratin because it is able to penetrate the heart of the hair to repair it.

We appreciate in these two creators their kindness, their intelligence and their humility. Two women wanting to be at the service of other women so that their experiences and know-how can be used by as many people as possible.

Hence the birth of two refined and so effective ranges: the one with keratin to deeply repair the most damaged hair (coloring, straightening, straightening iron...) and the one composed of plant active ingredients to nourish the natural hair of the whole family.

Your hair does not tolerate limescale and is dull: try the Rinse with Coconut Vinegar and Aloe Vera. Your scalp is irritated, excess sebum, dandruff or itching: try the Shampoo Detox. Besides, gentlemen, it's wonderful for treating your beard: goodbye pimples, ingrown hairs and inflammation!
Each product will provide you with an effective response to restore healthy hair and scalp. Ethnilink official distributor of the SJR brand that you can also find at the store in Paris in the 20th or on our website.

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