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Soarn, hair care for the whole family

Ethnilink has been the official distributor of the Soarn natural hair care range since the beginning of 2017, made in France. Presentation of this range so well suited to the nature of our frizzy hair.

Soarn hair and body care for the whole family

This range stands out for its use: it is aimed at the whole family because the active ingredients used in the formulations are natural and selected with the greatest care to obtain the best quality.

The range of Soarn products is made up of both butters and oils that can be used for the body or hair and also a range of hair care complete for young and old. Without added parabens, silicones, sulphates, dyes or perfumes, the brand respects the most sensitive skin and brings spectacular results in terms of hair texture quality, curl restructuring, softness and hydration. A real pleasure for the hair!

Soarn multi-use and moisturizing styling milk

One of the star products in the Soarn range is their shea, jojoba and castor moisturizing styling milk that can be used on towel-dried or dry hair on a daily basis. It can be used alone or supplemented for afro or mixed hair, thicker or dry, with Soarn shea foam or jojoba oil- Soarn castor oil to seal in moisture. See our hair care routines.

The use of the products is explained to you during the free hair diagnosis done at your Ethnilink store, allowing you to target the products best suited to your hair texture.

Workshops are also regularly organized in partnership with the Soarn brand to allow you to discover this pretty brand of hair care that we particularly like.

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