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Curly Frizzy Hair For Children

Like skin, hair is also unique. The hair texture of our children does not become definitive until around 6/7 years old. This is why it is important to have the right gestures and the right care from birth. For the past few years, we have had at our disposal a wide choice of specific hair products for the hair of the little ones, allowing parents to have a personalized routine with well-formulated products.

Choosing Products Based On Your Kid's Hair Texture

Depending on the density of the hair, volume, thickness, dryness, we will adapt the treatments by choosing those allowing to obtain the best results but without greasy effect.
The shampoo should be done once a week to cleanse the hair of its impurities and re-oxygenate it. For the driest hair, it is possible to do an oil bath the day before, but not just any oil bath: the one that will correspond to your child's hair type.
Then, to be able to easily detangle and rehydrate their hair, we advise you to apply a conditioner. You can easily remove the knots with the help of a suitable detangling brush, starting from the ends and going up towards the root to avoid breaking the hair fiber, keep the curls and avoid tensions.
Rinse and wring out, then apply a milk for fine hair or a styling cream for thicker hair to damp hair, followed by an oily serum if needed to seal in moisture. Proceed with the styling without pulling too much on the root to avoid falls. To avoid dry and rebellious hair in the morning, choose treatments at the start of the day, this will give the hair time to dry before bedtime.

Suitable Hairstyles For The Youngest

Braids or twists are pretty protective hairstyles to prevent the hair from getting tangled overnight. However, it is best to redo them once a week for good hair growth and to take care to preserve the hydration, shine and softness. During the week, the ideal is to spray a special children's moisturizing spray in the morning to keep their scalp and hair well nourished. This will prevent itching and flaking.
You can also use satin bonnets or pillowcases while they sleep, to prevent dehydration of the hair. It is important that your child's hair is well hydrated and not "greased". Over time, this causes breakage, slow growth and loss of shine.
We follow the children throughout the year and adapt the hair routine according to their needs and their growth. Do not hesitate to make an appointment at our Ethnilink store 73 rue saint Blaise Paris 20th for a personalized diagnosis.

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