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Afro hair care, maintenance rituals

Care adapted to each hair texture

Depending on the nature of the hair, Afro hair care will be different: the same products are not applied to fine or thick hair, straightened hair or natural hair .

On curly or frizzy natural hair, it is necessary to favor products with light textures but sufficiently moisturizing and which respect the curl of your hair.

Which routine for which type of hair?

Curly to curly hair

The routine suitable for this type of curl includes specific products to texturize the curl during treatment.

once a week a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner. Daily or every 2 to 3 days for the finest curly hair, a curl activating milk with a serum to seal in moisture and protect the tips to prevent them from splitting.

Keratin-based treatments make it possible, as a cure, to strengthen the hair without weighing it down, restore shine and prevent breakage.

An interesting article on the Walker Scale on the website

femme cheveux boucles soin des cheveux afro

Curly to frizzy hair

In this category of curls, the hair dehydrates more quickly and undergoes the shrinkage effect (shrinkage of frizzy hair on contact with water, on the contrary on some curly hair it is the evaporation of water during drying that shrinks the hair).

Do not panic, this shrinkage is beneficial because it shows good health of your hair, a well-defined curl, the hair keeps its spring, it is reactive.

For this type of hair, it is important to favor products that relax it. The shampoo must preserve the curl and relax it to prevent the hair from compacting and becoming very difficult to detangle.

It is recommended to do oil baths to leave on overnight, the day before shampooing so that the hair regenerates during sleep.

Follow your shampoo with a mask or moisturizing conditioner so that you can easily remove tangles first with your finger and then with a wide-toothed comb or a suitable brush starting at the tips and working your way up to the root to avoid hair breakage.

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