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Black skin care: face and body

Good everyday gestures

Care for black skin: matte to dark skin has the particularity that it is resistant while being fragile at the same time. They prefer warm and humid climates to dry and cold climates. A bad care routine can further weaken and attack them.

Care rituals for black and mixed-race skin

Each part of the body has its beauty gesture! First, it is important to specify that beyond the age of 14, you do not put your body cream on your face just as you do not wash your face with your body shower gel!

Dysregulation of your melanin (pigment that colors the skin) assured. Have you ever noticed that some have a darker face than their body. For what ? quite simply because the needs are not the same for the face and the body.

Where the body mainly needs hydration, the face more often needs mattness. The care products for black skin that we offer at Ethnilink (see brands) take these needs into account.

Adopting a routine and knowing how to adapt it

Few people have real dry skin because this factor is genetic. On the other hand, with climatic aggressions, many of us have dehydrated skin in winter, while in summer it is mixed. This factor is due to a cold disorder + lack of water + unsuitable care routine.

How to fix it? by adapting your routine according to the seasons, which will avoid pimples and unsightly spots.

First of all, cleanse your skin with a gentle foam or a facial cleansing gel morning and evening. Follow with a lotion suited to your skin type to remove limescale and complete cleaning. Once a week, do 1 scrub to regenerate cells and exfoliate dead skin, followed by a mask to deeply rejuvenate.

The face cream shouldn't be too rich if you have combination skin in the summer, because beware of the downside in summer, with pimples pointing at the end of your nose.

Often, what appears to be dry black skin is actually dehydrated skin damaged by the products used on a daily basis that are not suitable.

During the skin diagnosis in store, we determine and analyze the real needs of your skin and offer you a personalized routine, allowing you to find real comfort and the pleasure of using adapted products. in the care of black skin. You will see their effectiveness as they are used.

Imetric for personalized monitoring

Ethnilink has increased the effectiveness of its skin diagnostics and customer follow-up over the past year through Thalgo's Imetric, a gem of technological prowess:

In 10 minutes flat you will have your personalized prescription allowing you to know your skin type. This will no longer have any mystery for you.

Your skin is unique! With L'Imétric discover through 10 analyses, your problems:

  • pore size measurement
  • measurement of hydration
  • radiance of the complexion
  • skin texture
  • age definition of wrinkles
  • measurement of skin elasticity
  • pigment spots
  • redness detection
  • type of skin

The Imetric is also used for the body and allows you to measure your overall cellulite.

Care routines for black skin: with Imétric, you have a personalized assessment and follow-up allowing you to adapt your beauty routines over time so that they remain effective whatever the climate or hazards.

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