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Men's face care: taking care of your skin

The skin of black, African, Caribbean or mixed-race men is also more fragile and sensitive to environment in dry, temperate or cold climates. Assaulted by shower gels, gloves and body creams that are not suitable for the face, men's skin is quickly prone to pimples, ingrown hairs and spots. When it comes to face care, men and women are equal when it comes to needs hydration, evening out the complexion andmatifying skin that shines.

Men's facial care: simple but essential gestures

Whatever you think, gentlemen, you must be as careful of yourselves as we are. The dark skin or black skin of Afro-Caribbean men becomes dehydrated and darkens following aggressive gestures (such as shaving) and the use of inappropriate products. And then watch out for the damage.

To start, we relegate gloves, body shower gel and body milk (which are products for... the body) to the locker room and make way for a special face routine that will allow you to find a more unified complexion, without inflammation and which will shine less.

On a daily basis, prefer foaming gels or cleansing gels instead of soaps and shower gels for the body. You will have less of that tight feeling when you get out of the shower and the skin will be softer.

Use a cream suited to your skin, especially for the face: mattifying creams unifying or unifying moisturizers instead of your body milk, which in the long run will make your face much darker.

Shaving black skin and ingrown hairs

A crucial point in terms of men's facial care, shaving black skin often causes ingrown hairs and sometimes minor infections.

To avoid them, exfoliate your beard and the contour of your head once a week. This will prevent your next shave from causing the hair to grow back under your skin, ignite and cause pimples.

Remember to make sure that the razor, or the trimmer, has actually been disinfected to avoid the transfer of bacteria.

Black spots on face and neck

Shaving black, dark skin, mixed skin also accentuates spots on the face and neck. If the spots are already there, use an anti-spot serum before putting on your day cream. Little by little, you will find a brighter and more even complexion.

Hair and scalp

Don't wash your head every day, we know it's very hard for you! However, remember one thing: the most sensitive among you may develop dandruff and hair loss over time.

For the lucky ones, the scalp may become very dry, the hair will lack shine and flake off.

The limescale of the water and the lack of hydration of your hair do not mix well. So shampoo twice a week maximum and hair cream regularly to nourish hair and scalp.

Men's facials: find a special men's section on your Ethnilink site, and to better target your needs or if you are not sure of your choices, come and have a free skin or hair diagnosis at your Ethnilink


We will help you choose the most appropriate Afro cosmetic products for men for your needs.

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