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Top 3 best haircuts for men with curly hair

Curly haircut for men: natural hair has indeed made a comeback, and men will not be left out. Exit smooth or straight hair, men adopt a polished style that a well-studied hairstyle comes to sublimate. A well-executed curly man haircut is the must-have for an ultra-trendy look. Whatever your hair length, find the most beautiful ideas for men's hairstyles for curly hair.

Short Hair: Curly Layered Curly Men's Haircut

Even short, you can choose a curly haircut for men. Adopt a sporty look with a short and structured cut that will highlight the features of your face. Indeed, very short or even cropped hair allows you to achieve a dynamic cut. Keep a few longer curly strands in the front that will form a fringe for more style. It is an easy hairstyle to adopt and does not require much maintenance.

Would you like more length? You can let speak the originality of the barber who will create a gradient on your hair. Short hair on the sides and longer on the top, with the neck well cleared: a timeless cut. The more daring will ask for graphic patterns made with the mower to assert their personality, or simply a parting on the side. You can take inspiration from the undercut that is popular on football pitches.

How to style your thick curly thick hair when you're a man?

Thick hair has a high density and has the reputation of being difficult to style. More resistant than fine hair, when it is curly it gives you the possibility of achieving beautiful hairstyles with volume and movement. Whether you have a square face or an oval face, entrust your hair to a hairstylist. He will know how to structure the cut so that it highlights you the most. Thick hair requires special and very moisturizing care so as not to weigh it down and to avoid knots.

Prefer long or layered cuts if you have this type of hair, in order to obtain a more harmonious look. The haircut may also be closer to the frohawkwhich is the curly or curly-haired version of the Iroquois crest. It will be perfect for your thick hair, especially if it is frizzy. But the short is also an option to consider if you are looking for an Afro-style look.

Mid length curly haircut trend for men

For medium to long hair, the trend this year is again natural. The curls are plump and we avoid making too many changes to the hair. Like Jason Momoa on the red carpet or in everyday life, let your waves come to life after asking your hairdresser to carefully cut your damaged ends. What if you dare to color? Blonde highlights or a subtle gradient, several possibilities are available to you. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, select a color that will make your look stand out.

This hairstyle for men requires more care than the previous ones. Choose the products to enhance your hair on our online store : mild shampoo, protective mask, moisturizing spray to apply on the lengths and especially jelly or styling mousse to define the curls. A regular hair routine will allow you to maintain a beautiful curly cut on medium-length hair.

The chignon or man bun

As a bonus, we have a fourth haircut for men with curly hair. Mid-length or long curly hair tied in a bun is in itself a trend that does not run out of steam. Also called man bun, the chignon can encompass all of the hair, or only that of the top of the skull to leave a free section at the back. Some choose to wear it high, others low. If you want, you can let your beard grow out to complete the look.

Buns have the advantage of being versatile. You can thus from one day to another obtain a new haircut and change your look. By tightening the ties, the effect is stricter, by releasing them, you obtain a hairstyle-disheveled. Here too you can shave the sides and be fancy if that suits your tastes. For very curly hair, contour shaving brings a more precise finish to your hairstyle.

Whatever cut for men with curly hair you opt for, do not neglect the hair care to bring. They will allow you to avoid frizz and dry hair. In this way, you will have stylish hair, but also beautiful and resistant.

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