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Weaving: how to recognize quality wicks?

When looking for rovings for your weave, it's not always easy to recognize which ones are high quality. Indeed, many brands are available at different prices, and it is not surprising to get lost. It is important that you know how to recognize good quality roving for weaving. This will allow you to obtain a superb hairstyle but also to make your investment profitable. Several factors are used to judge the quality of the rovings, such as the type of fiber, the spinning method and the dyeing process. In this article, we'll teach you how to evaluate these factors so you can choose the best strands for your weave!

The texture of the wicks as a guarantee of weaving quality

How to recognize good quality strands for a weave? Selecting the wicks well will guarantee you to obtain a natural and durable weave. It is therefore not a negligible step. If you can and want to, choose strands of human hair instead. Synthetic highlights don't look or feel natural, and they can also damage your own hair.

To make your choice, start if you can by touching the strands. First, the hair should be soft and tangle-free. Indeed, good quality human or natural hair is soft to the touch, manageable and easy to comb. Silky hair is good quality hair! Run your fingers from root to tip: they should be able to slide and not get caught in knots. Conversely, if the hair is coarse or tangles easily, it is probably of poor quality.

Next, check the ends of the strands. They should be evenly cut and not frayed. Badly cut ends often lead to split ends and frizz which produce a bad effect. There are different types of weaves: extensions can be clip-on, adhesive or sew-on. It is always better to call on a professional for a successful installation.

Choose untreated wicks for its weave

To buy quality weaving strands, it is worth considering the color of the hair. It must be harmonious on the whole of the wick, without discoloration or subsequent dyeing. If you observe color variations that might not exist on real hair, this may be an indicator of poor strand quality. Indeed, prefer untreated hair, also known as virgin hair, which is in its most natural state possible. Chemically treated hair is damaged by the products that have been used to alter it. Other disadvantages: if you want to bleach them yourself or curl them afterwards, it will be difficult or impossible to obtain a beautiful result.

To identify treated hair: observe their shine. Their appearance is much shinier than natural hair and they sometimes have a "fake" or "plastic" effect.

Weakened hair does not hold and tears out as you brush and style. They lose their shine and also their volume. You definitely want to have thick and voluminous locks that will give you a natural style.

On our online store, find our quality locks to achieve your most beautiful hairstyles. Remember that beautiful locks require maintenance. Like your hair, it will be necessary to wash it with suitable products and to dry it in good conditions.

Don't forget to follow your care routine between two weaves to avoid breakage of your hair that remains under the weave.

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